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Obtaining Windows Server Clusters Troubleshooting Info
Ariel Delgado. Posted 07/17/2015. Last Updated 3/31/2017.

If you are ever in need of gathering troubleshooting info about a Windows Server cluster (including the nodes), feel free to use my attached script.

A few things to note:

This script does NOT alter any settings on the cluster or its individual nodes. It gathers troubleshooting info such as event log data and TCPIP settings. Obviously, use the script at your own risk but I can guarantee that running it will not cause any issues. I've executed it in several dozens of active clusters without hindering production.


I've written the script to run smoothly in PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0

Ensure all your cluster nodes are ONLINE and available through WMI and PowerShell remoting. Cluster Service must be online.

Gathered Information

The script creates a folder in C:\ named ClusterInfo and stores multiple text files with gathered info, which includes, among others:


1) Download the file clicking the button below, unzip it to reveal the ps1 file and copy this file to any cluster node:

Download Get-ClusterInfo.ps1

2) Open an Elevated PowerShell session with an account that has cluster admin privileges in the domain and browse to the path to which the Get-clusterInfo.ps1 file was copied:

3) Just run the script:

The script will run for a few minutes showing a progress bar to let you know how things are going. When complete, browse the contents of the C:\ClusterInfo

In case of difficulties, you can also open the Get-ClusterInfo.PS1 file in Integrated Scripting Environment and run it from there:

Enjoy! Feel free to write back with feedback :)